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Friday, January 28, 2011

An American Consulate killed two Pakistani in Lahore!

A US Consulate employee named Raymond Davis allegedly shot at two young motorcyclists in Lahore and killed them while another motorcyclist was crushed by his colleagues riding another car. He told police that he had opened fire in self-defense. Police said the car that crushed the motorcyclists, had come to Qurtaba Chowk, Jail Road (the place of incident) in order to rescue accused American Davis.
A witness said that the rashly driven Prado crossed the median on Jail Road, crushed the young motorcyclist and vanished in a flash, Mr. Davis also escaped the scene, but two traffic wardens chased and routed him in Old Anarkali Food Street (Lahore) and handed him over to police. More than 100 people blocked the road after the incident by blazing tyres to protest the killings. Police recovered from his possession a 9mm Glock pistol he had used to shoot the youngsters and shifted him to the South Cantonment police station. The accused was not carrying any license for weapons recovered from his custody.
A senior police officer told that Raymond Davis was among four people who were detained by security personnel near Lahore Sherpao Bridge on Dec 9, 2009, when they were trying to enter the Cantonment area in a vehicle with tinted glasses. They were armed with sophisticated weapons. The intervention of the US consulate led to their release, the officer recalled. Preliminarily investigation suggested that as the motorcyclists wanted to assault the foreigner, he killed them in self-defense.
A salesman at a shop on Jail Road told that he saw a foreigner leaving his Honda car in a hurry and with a pistol in his hand. Within seconds he trained his gun at two motorcyclists standing at the Qurtaba Chowk traffic signal and opened fire. Both the youngsters suffered multiple injuries and fell on the road. The foreigner immediately drove away his car towards Mozang Chowk. One of the motorcyclists died on the spot while the other in Services Hospital. The other motorcyclist, who was run over by the colleagues of Davis, was also identified, as he was a salesman. The police sent the bodies of three men to the city morgue for autopsy. Mr. Davis, a technical officer of the US consulate in Lahore, had spent two years in Afghanistan and was well trained to conflict any critical situation. Police registered a murder case against Davis. US Consulate employee was produced in court Friday on double murder charges. The US citizen was appeared before the Senior Judge Zafar Iqbal who handed over the accused to the police on six-day remand.

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