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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two major terror blows in major cities of Pakistan!

A teenage boy blew himself up in Lahore near a religious procession which killed 11 people and wounded more than 70, The Pakistani Taliban alleged responsibility for the attack and they said that they had targeted army & police. After 90 minutes later, a motorcycle bomb blasted in Malir area in Karachi caused one passerby and three policemen.
In Lahore, bomber appeared to be aged about 15. He was wearing a suicide jacket and holding a black bag. He blew himself up when he was being frisked. The Lahore bombing took place near a very famous books bazaar named Urdu Bazaar, The blast damaged windowpanes of dozens of buildings and 15 vehicles, including three police vans. The bombing also caused three feet deep crater. The bombing site was littered with human flesh and blood with scores of injured people crying for help, an eyewitness said.
But in Karachi, the bomber was riding a motorbike and carrying a bag in his hand, which had explosives in it. He struck one of our police mobile vans. The police were the target. Although police initially described the bombing as a suicide attack, it later turned out to be wrong. It was a totally negligence of security authorities who did not care on a suspicious motorbike and it was blasted as CCTV footage released after the incident which cleared the picture whether it was a suicide bombing or bomb blast.  The bomb was rigged to a motorcycle, which was first initially spotted by several policemen who then called the area mobile for assistance. As soon as the van reached the spot, the bomb went off.
After one day of bomb blast in Lahore, a terror spread all over the city and many shops closed due to panic and some shops which are opened, their owners were waiting for customers for all the day, business losses and fear in people was the aftermath of suicide bombing in Lahore.
What would be the future of Pakistan? Is this continued for ever or somebody will do for its remedy, but when that time will come? Every Pakistan citizen is waiting for that person or that moment when his country, which was based on Islam religion and Islam gives us a message of Peace and strictly condemns the terrorism and suicide bombing, will be free from these kinds of terrible incidents.

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