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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer was assassinated by his bodyguard

On 4th January, Governor Punjab Salman Taseer was assassinated in Islamabad in afternoon when he was returning after taking dine from a hotel at Kohsaar Market at Islamabad. His security guard Mr. Malik Mumtaz Qadri opened a burst on him and fired 29 bullets. There are 27 bullets scars found on his body via post mortem report. Assassin had claimed that Governor was the victim and he had committed blasphemy activities, he was planning since last three days and his mates were also informed about his plans. The dead body was taken to the hospital when he was seriously injured where they declared him dead. For post mortem of governor, his deceased body was taken to Pims and after a complete inspection; they told that 27 bullets marks are found on his body and at 4 – 5 feet distance, assassin fired on him. Next morning, he was taken to Lahore at Governor House where his funeral prayers were offered and buried him at Cavalry Ground cemetery at Lahore in the afternoon.
People’s party (PPP) leaders declared his slay as a political murder and they declared a two weeks mourning and abandoned all political activities. Punjab Government declared a holiday in Punjab due to grief at assassination of Governor Punjab. There are many issues raised on this occasion like political issues, security issues, religious problems etc.  President of Pakistan declared it to try to abolish democracy.  All the political leaders have condemned and appealed for better security for very important persons (VVIP). Many people’s party workers blazed the tyres, protested at different cities of Pakistan. A strike was observed all over the country due to the murder of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. All the trading activities, courts, banks were closed. Now Rehman Malik ordered a complete investigation regarding the hot issue because his murder is much unusual as compared to Benazir Bhutto, Liaqat Ali Khan. Assassin has handed over himself after murder to police and his investigation is continued.

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  1. There is a certain discomfort in Poor people of Pakistan.This act shows people of Pakistan do not believe in their Corrupt government because this system failed to protect life,wealth and respect of poor people.People of Pakistan think that now these corrupt rulers will take our religion and replace it with secular foreign agendas.So this is a natural upraise against powerful people.