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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Drones attacks, Drones attacks …. What is going on in Pakistan!

<strong>drone attack</strong>
Two days ago, I had switched TV for listening the news; I heard the news regarding drones attacks in Pakistan. What is going on? Why it happened always, it has become a routine matter now in Pakistan and nobody has pointed out for that. I condemn it personally because it is a cruelty act by the American and its government and also Pakistan’s government is involved in such kind of brutality operation. If you consider that America would win the war against Taliban’s, I think it is not so simple to think, it is better to take some negotiations with them for their demands instead of killing them and crushing some innocent people also which are never involved in such kind of terrorist activity. Drones attack is done by a spy plane and it is just a controlled by a machine and with the camera, Americans army see the people and where they think these are terrorist, they attack on them and eradicate their lives from this world.
These are very humiliating and disgusting proceedings, which they are doing. There are many reactions against the drones attacks on them, first of all, the Pakistani people condemn them and strike against this activity. Some of Pakistani politicians also take part in this thump, the Pakistani public is affected by this strike, their business and economy, and both are also disturbed.
Rests of people in the world also criticize these shameful and mortifying policies of both governments, in this way, all the world is being disturbed. But the Taliban’s reactions are as worst as you never think about that. They do such kind of activities which a common man never imagines about his homeland. They do suicide bombing in Pakistan targeting specially army and government areas. Many people are slaughtered including women, innocent children. Government just condemn this suicide bombing but does not take any action against them, they have no time to negotiate with them why they are doing this, they are just collecting the dollars from Americans and sell many people in drones attacks. When drones attacks will be eliminated. Who will do it? Nobody can answer it.
We are waiting for some revolution in the Pakistan; waiting for some honest person who will work for his homeland, public is striving on that time when the dearness and unemployment are wiped out. There are so many public issues for which government is not taking steps for those ones, for example, load shedding of Power and Sui Gas is a permanent issue, the prices of Oil, Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Sugar, Fruits, pulses and many commodities are high up to sky that a poor man cannot bear that, then what he should do for the nourishment of his family. He kills his family and commits suicide. That is story of him, who is responsible, nobody can claim for his crime, these are all the reactions of drones’ attacks.
I request to my Government to take it seriously and save their homeland otherwise in coming years, Pakistan would be eliminated from the World Map, we can pray for our country.

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