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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Pakistani Crisis!

Now-a-days, Pakistan is facing many crises like Power load shedding, Gas shortage, Wheat paucity, Sugar crisis, Vegetables scarcity and many more. Every person is facing dearness in his homeland as he never thinks about it. This is a huge blow for Pakistan, its economy and its people are waiting for such response which his leaders may grant for him. Newspapers are full of reports regarding of suicides, rapes, begging & selling children, these are all the social problems which Pakistani nation is suffering from.
If you look other side of picture, Pakistani leaders are raiding the Pakistani resources which should be spent on the welfare and prosperity of Pakistan & its nation. But they are filling their pockets and having no other jobs. Pakistani public is on the roads, blazes shops and buses against the Power shortage, having no employment at industries, huge dearness in the country so that a poor man cannot bear expenses of his family, sugar & wheat fake dearth, but the Government takes no action against their action, strike. Pakistani leaders now-a-days are pulling legs one another, Peoples Party (PPP) is being separate, Muslim League (N) is independent and waiting for their turn, Muslim League (Q) and ANP are being together, MQM is not behind them and side by side with their policies and matters.
Every party is now trying to break the government of PPP and ends their tenure but their needs are not fulfilled yet, PPP is in complete control in the country. Rich person is so affluent and earns in very rapid mode whereas a deprived person is so miserable about his family and is forced to sell his body parts like kidneys, sell his children. In rural areas, rape cases are very common and committing suicides are rapidly increasing day by day because of unfortunate resources and opportunities.
I am really distressing after reading or listening such types of news which is happening in Pakistan. Who is responsible for that? Students are having no jobs after completing their studies; business men are facing the music due to shortage of every thing and high rise of petrol prices, electricity, Sui Gas and many more commodities.

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