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Sunday, January 16, 2011

First visit of President of Pakistan in 2011 to US!

Both Presidents Asif Ali Zardari and Barack Obama has spotlighted on the being efforts to battle against terrorism and promote economic stability of the regions at the White House. President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had taken off to United States of America on 12th of January, 2011. It is his first official visit to USA to discuss many matters like Economic growth, Terrorism, Drone attacks etc. Barack Obama was also showing interest to visit Pakistan later this year.
President Zardari came to Washington to attend Ambassador Holbrooke’s memorial service and President Obama asked him to the White House. They had a discussion about the overall relationship and the US support to Pakistan. They talked about the economic situation in Pakistan. A reassurance of support for the democratic process in Pakistan and a dedication to continuing economic improvements were other points that Presidents Obama and Zardari settled on at the brief meeting. It was wrong to suppose that Pakistan was seeking yet another package for economic or military aid from the US. President Zardari secured the US leader that Pakistan would execute economic reforms while taking into consideration the country’s economic, political and social realties. The ambassador highlighted that President Zardari did not ask for aid and that was not the focus of the meeting. Responding to a question about Governor Salman Taseer’s assassination, Mr. Haqqani said that this issue and its link to the blasphemy law came up for discussion.
President Zardari enlightened that the government of Pakistan shares those distresses but religion is a sensitive issue and Pakistan will deal with this issue according to our own situations, Ambassador Haqqani said. “So it was no question of anybody telling anybody what to do.” The blasphemy law, he said, would be discussed in Pakistan by the Pakistani lawmakers and this was something the Americans understood.

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